Oxygen Concentrator Supplier To Tell You How To Repair Oxygen Concentrators?

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Feb. 21, 2023




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Oxygen concentrators are not unfamiliar in our life, AEGEA is a medical supplier that can produce oxygen concentrators. Oxygen concentrator is a machine, so we will inevitably have different degrees of damage or depreciation in the process of using our machine, so it is very important to repair or maintain our machine at this time. Today AEGEA is here to share with you the repair of oxygen concentrators and how to maintain them.


Several common problems and solutions of oxygen concentrator


1. The oxygen outlet has a strange smell, if it is a new oxygen tube, it may be because the material used to make the oxygen tube, silicone tube and ABS plastic tube odor, is a normal phenomenon, this smell is non-toxic, with a period of time will disappear naturally, so do not worry.


2. Oxygen out of the mouth of the water beads out, wetting water tank is too full of water, more than the highest water level line, resulting in water beads into the oxygen delivery tube. As long as the water is poured out, not more than the highest water level line, the fault can be lifted.


3. After turning on the machine, the water tank bubbles, no oxygen out of the oxygen port. This kind of failure is generally because the wetting water tank is not well plugged, take out the plug can be good.


4. Oxygen machine work for a period of time and then stop. This situation is also relatively common, many of the current home oxygen machine is with a timing function, in the process of using many people will inadvertently start the timing function and forget to cancel. This time you need to open the oxygen machine after adjusting the timing time, adjust to three one can.



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5. Oxygen concentrator air volume has become smaller. This problem is easy to appear after a long time use, do not panic after this problem, usually the tube in the wetting cup is blocked by scale. Just take off the wetting cup, take off the air delivery tube for cleaning can be. If the problem is still not solved after this operation, please contact the supplier directly.


As you can see, many of these problems with the oxygen concentrator are not caused by the quality of the product itself, and often we must pay attention to the maintenance of the oxygen concentrator, maintenance work is not done for many parts is a loss. Of course, if you encounter a problem that you can not solve, you can also directly consult professionals, which can also ensure a certain degree of safety.


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