What are the uses of borosilicate glass tubes?

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Feb. 22, 2023




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Borosilicate glass tubes are a common type of glass tube which is widely used in chemical, medical, electronic, communication and laboratory applications. This article will describe the main uses and characteristics of borosilicate glass tubes.

 borosilicate glass tubes,glass tubes

Chemical Laboratories

Borosilicate glass tubes are commonly used as equipment in chemistry laboratories. They can be used as test tubes, reactors, pipettes, heating tubes and gas collectors. The heat and chemical resistance of borosilicate glass tubes is very good and they can withstand high temperatures and strong acid and alkali corrosion without interfering with experiments.


Medical field

Borosilicate glass tubes are also used in a wide range of medical applications. They are used as storage containers for medicines, infusion sets, blood collection tubes and test tubes. Borosilicate glass tubes are non-toxic and odourless and will not contaminate or affect pharmaceuticals or biological samples, ensuring the accuracy and effectiveness of medical diagnosis and treatment.


Electronics industry

Borosilicate glass tubes are also used in a wide range of applications in the electronics industry. They can be used as vacuum tubes, picture tubes and photomultiplier tubes. The good insulation properties, low temperature expansion coefficient and high transparency of borosilicate glass tubes ensure the stability and performance of electronic devices.

 borosilicate glass tubes,glass tubes


Borosilicate glass tubes can also be used in the communications sector. They can be used as fibre optic connectors, optical amplifiers and lasers. The low loss, high purity and high reliability of borosilicate glass tubes are essential in communications equipment to ensure speed and quality of communication.


In short, borosilicate glass tubes have a wide range of applications in a variety of fields. Their heat resistance, chemical resistance, insulation, low temperature expansion coefficient, high transparency, low loss and high reliability make them an important tool in many industries and scientific research.


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