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Are you or a loved one looking to buy a hospital bed to improve their quality of life? A hospital bed can be a great addition to your home, helping people with reduced mobility regain some of their lost independence. Webmedicalblog will explore the many reasons why you should have a hospital bed.

The benefits of owning a hospital bed

There are many different benefits to owning a hospital bed. Not only can hospital beds provide users with extra comfort that traditional beds cannot, but they can also increase user independence and keep users safe by making it easier to get in and out of bed. This means less chance of falls and their complications! Hospital beds also have wheels, which means the bed can be moved to any area of the home. They also have a locking feature to keep them still when needed! Hospital beds also come with therapeutic mattresses, which means more comfort for your loved ones!

The difference between your bed and a hospital bed

Many people decide to keep their beds at home instead of switching to hospital beds because they don't know the difference. There are many differences between a regular hospital bed and a hospital bed, including:


Unlike traditional hospital beds, hospital beds are designed to be compatible with other healthcare equipment. These beds are designed to make transferring to a wheelchair, rollator, bedside table or transfer device easier and more convenient. This is because with the bed, you can easily adjust the position of the bed!

easy to use

Do you know the function of a hospital bed? The bed can be adjusted at the touch of a button. This means users can adjust the bed themselves, which will help them regain some of their lost independence.


When you switch to a hospital bed, users will be able to use the bed by themselves. This will restore their lost independence, but will also reduce the stress on caregivers and caregivers!

Reduce the risk of further complications

Hospital beds feature unique hospital-grade mattresses that help reduce the risk of bedsores and ulcers. There are also specialized ROHO mattresses available for those with more complex conditions that may require an extra level of support.

Features of the hospital bed

Hospital beds have many different functions that can help you improve comfort and mobility in your home. Some of these features include:

Adjustable positioning

Hospital beds can raise the backrest up to 90 degrees. This will help the user sit up. The lower extremities are also adjustable in position to help increase comfort and circulation!

Adjustable bed height

By being able to control the height of the bed, hospital beds offer advanced safety and convenience. Whether the user wants to get in or out of bed, the transfer will be much easier than in a normal bed.

extra safety

In addition to all the gained independence and safety listed above, hospital beds have additional safety features. These beds are available in half or full rail options. This means you and your loved ones can rest easy knowing there is no risk of falling out of bed at night.

Treatment characteristics of the hospital bed

Hospital beds have many different therapeutic functions. When you purchase a hospital bed from AEGEAN Technology, the package includes an upgraded mattress. These mattresses are designed to help redistribute pressure, which means less chance of ulcers in the bed! The mattress also has low shear and friction, making it easier for users to get in and out of the bed. Another benefit of hospital beds is adjustable positioning. This can help improve circulation, reduce acid reflux, and help with breathing problems and sleep apnea!

Our choice of beds

At AEGEAN Technology, we have a wide selection of hospital beds to help you transform your life at home!

The AG-BM102A hospital bed

AG-BM102A Best Price 3-Function motorized patient bed is a fully electric hospital bed. It has a unique style, the headboard is higher than the footboard, and it is drop and scratch resistant. This bed also comes with the option of a full-length or half-length raul. No matter what size you choose, all springs are labeled and color-coded, making installing side rails a breeze! The motor is independent, which means it's lighter and quieter. The bed also features a 9-volt battery in the hand control that can be adjusted for up to 9 full cycles.

AG-BM102A Mattress

Looking for a combination of value and comfort? Then the AG-BM102A, the most popular therapeutic foam mattress, is for you! The Thsi mattress has 3 layers of latex-free foam to help redistribute pressure and reduce shear and friction. This mattress is designed to last for up to half a year, so you can benefit for years to come. The edges are made of high-density foam, so they provide support and facilitate safe patient transfers!


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