Benefits and Key features of Disposable endoscopic linear cutter stapler

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Aug. 12, 2022




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Disposable endoscopic linear cutter stapler Description

The disposable linear cutter is applicable for transection, resection, and the creation of anastomoses. It has 4 rows of staples with a knife between the second and third row. It is a sterile, single-patient-use instrument that simultaneously staples.

disposable endoscopic linear cutter stapler


Disposable endoscopic linear cutter stapler Key features and benefits:

---Knife inside the cartridge, Better incision effect and avoid cancer cell transfer.

---Space locking device, Make sure the staples to be formed consistently and good hemostasis result.

---Safety of empty cartridge, Prevent mis-operation of empty cartridge before firing.

---Two ways Push-knob, Convenient for operation by left or right hand.

---Special rear lock, Realizes one-handed operation, convenient for operation

---Quick release knob, Unlock the instrument quickly.

---Larger front fork hatch, convenient for operation

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