Benefits of Surgical Staples than Stitches

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Benefits of Surgical Staples than Stitches

Surgical staples are used to close the incision after surgery. In some cases, staples may be a better choice than stitches. Surgical staples do not dissolve as your incision or wound heals. For this reason, they require some special care and must be removed by your doctor after the incision heals.


Benefits of Surgical Staples than Stitches

Disposable Skin Stapler


Which wounds can be sutured?

When patients with lacerations come to your clinic, you must determine the appropriate method of closure-skin adhesive, sutures, or staples. Once you are familiar with bookbinding, you want to bind it very much. Everything is fine. Although bookbinding is fast and easy, please choose your closing method carefully. Suture the wound that is most suitable for the scalp, abdomen, back or limbs. Wounds on the hands, feet, face and neck should not be stitched.


A little bit of wound preparation

Once you have determined that the laceration is suitable for suture and nailing, please clean the wound thoroughly. Carefully check the wound for signs of foreign bodies and other complications. Anesthetize the area with anesthetics such as lidocaine. If the wound is small, you can choose not to numb the area, because placing one or two staples may be more painful than anesthetic administration. You can also consider using a local anesthetic, such as EMLA cream.


Benefits of Surgical Staples than Stitches


Let's bind

Approach the edge of the wound with unaccustomed hands or tweezers. Align the center of the tear with the center of the stapler head. Press hard on the tear. The depth of staple placement depends on how hard you press the stapler device on the skin. Squeeze the handle or activator on the stapler and insert the staple into the skin. It's that easy. Continue to place staples about 3 to 5 mm apart until the wound is completely closed.


How long do they stay in your body?

Surgical staples need to be retained for several days or up to 21 days (in some cases) before they can be removed.
How long your staples must be retained depends largely on where they are placed and other factors, such as:
The size and direction of the incision.
The type of surgery you have received.
The complexity or severity of your incision or wound.
How fast does the area heal?
Several indicators that your surgical suture staple may be ready to remove include:
The area has healed so well that staples are no longer needed and the wound will not be reopened.
There is no discharge of pus, fluid or blood from the area.
There are no symptoms of infection.


Benefits of Surgical Staples than Stitches

Disposable Skin Plasters


How do I maintain the surgical staples?

After you have obtained the staple, the following steps will help keep it clean as you heal:
Follow all the doctor's postoperative instructions.
Do not remove any dressings or bandages until your doctor says it is safe.
Rinse the area gently with clean water twice a day.
Use Vaseline or Vaseline and sterile bandages that will not stick to the area.
Change the bandage at least once a day or get dirty or wet each time.


What is the surgical staple made of?

Some common surgical suture staples materials include:
Titanium. It is well known that titanium adheres easily to body tissues and bones and is unlikely to cause inflammation or infection.
Plastic. You can use this material if you are allergic to metal in other surgical suture nails.
Stainless steel. Plastic is usually used for staples and may help reduce the appearance of scars from trusted sources.
Poly (lactide)-poly (glycolide) copolymer. This material is easily reabsorbed by the body and is very popular in plastic surgery.


Remove staples

Staples on the scalp are usually removed in about 7 days, while staples on the back, abdomen and limbs take 10 days to remove. To remove skin staples, use the skin staple removal tool. Place both edges of the tool under the staple and press it against the skin. Squeeze the handle of the tool until it is completely closed and lift the staple from the skin.


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