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Most people living in the UK or Australia have heard of yeast extract - it's popular as a spread on sandwiches. In other European countries, there is no clear understanding of yeast extracts. We've answered the most frequently asked questions below.

What is the difference between fresh yeast and yeast extract?

Yeast is indeed a natural all-rounder, essential for the production of common foods. They are ubiquitous in nature as wild yeasts and bred as cultured yeasts with specific properties. For thousands of years, fresh yeast has been used to make bread and beer, as well as a necessity for making wine. Yeast extract is also made from fresh yeast. Enzymes break down proteins present in yeast cells into smaller components and break down the cell walls, thereby dissolving the contents out of the cells. The remaining cell walls were removed by centrifugation. In simple terms, yeast extract is made up of proteins, amino acids, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals in yeast cells without a surrounding cell wall.

What's in Yeast Extract?

Yeast extract is a natural ingredient composed of various amino acids, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, rich in high-quality protein. It is a blend of rich natural ingredients that its base - fresh yeast - provides. Although yeast extract does not contain any animal ingredients, it tastes similar to broth. This is because many of the same flavoring amino acids are present in both yeast extract and broth.

In which foods is yeast extract used?

Yeast extract is used in many products in supermarkets. For example, it is used in refined sauces, broths, soups, meat dishes, ready meals and savory snacks. In Commonwealth countries, sandwiches are often spread with a delicious yeast extract. In other countries, yeast extract is rarely available to consumers in supermarkets, but is used almost exclusively by food producers to flavor their products.

Is yeast extract a new discovery in food production?

Because of its special and unique taste, yeast extract has been used as an ingredient in food for about 50 years. However, the basic ingredient of yeast extract, fresh yeast, has been used in bread and beer for thousands of years. Combining ingredients and influencing flavors is what cooking is all about. Yeast extract not only adds flavor, but also brings out and balances flavor in products, just like herbs and spices. That's why today, yeast extract is a very popular and useful ingredient in food production.

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Is yeast extract suitable for vegetarians?

Yes, while the taste is very similar to broth, the yeast extract contains no animal ingredients, making it suitable for vegetarian dishes.

How does yeast extract help reduce salt levels?

Yeast extract has its own aromatic taste due to its rich blend of protein compounds. This gives food a delicious and delicious taste, even those that are low in salt. It has a spice-like effect and thus helps reduce salt levels without losing flavor. Nutrition experts recommend a similar approach when recommending herbs for reducing salt in the kitchen.

Why can't I buy yeast extract in the supermarket like spice?

If you live in the UK or one of its Commonwealth countries, you can buy yeast extract in the form of a spread mainly used in sandwiches. However, in most other countries, yeast extracts are hard to find - only a few specialty food stores, organic and health food stores list yeast extract spreads, etc. Yeast extract shake bottles are not available in supermarkets because yeast extract in powder form is too hygroscopic for consumers to use. As a result, yeast extracts with a savory taste are almost exclusively used by food manufacturers as spices to complete their products.

How is yeast extract labeled in the ingredient list?

Yeast extract is labeled "yeast extract" in the ingredient list and is sometimes included in "natural flavors." Both names are based on the requirements of European food law.

How much yeast extract is used in food?

Since yeast extract is inherently aromatic, it is only used in small amounts - just like any other seasoning. On average, the concentration of yeast extract in dishes is about 1%.

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