Features of Multifunction obstetric table

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Sep. 20, 2022




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Multifunction obstetric tables are adjustable medical devices used in obstetrics and gynecology procedures that support patients by providing comfort and support throughout the stages of delivery. The delivery table is made of high-quality stainless steel so it's easy to clean and disinfect.

Durable frame AG-C306 Economic ob gyn ritter exam tables

The obstetric table has many other names, such as obstetric delivery tables, obstetric labor tables, gynecological operating tables, delivery beds, ob tables, obstetrics tables, obstetric operation tables, gynecological examination tables, gynecological examination couches, ob-gyn exam table, etc. Types of obstetric tables include manual obstetric operation tables, electric gynecological exam tables, and electro-Hydraulic Obstetric Tables.

AG-C102 CE ISO multifunction gynecologist table

Features of obstetric:

1.Can reach all-function well hidden assistant table raised convenient when doctor do operation

2.Its design can meet the requirement of childbirth gynecological operation diagnosis and examination

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