Health Benefits of Black Ginger Extract

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Black ginger extract has been used for over a thousand years and modern science has shown this interesting ingredient to be beneficial for many conditions. Next, the black ginger extract wholesaler will share the content about what black ginger is and its uses and benefits of black ginger extract. 


What is black ginger?

Thai black ginger, Thai ginseng, black turmeric, Krachai dum - this ingredient goes by a variety of names that may not be new to you. Traditionally, ginger is a popular food ingredient and a supplement known for its ability to aid in digestive health.

Black ginger has a powerful nutritional profile and health benefits. The botanical name for black ginger is Kaempferia parviflora, which is a native Thai plant and a member of the ginger family.

Health Benefits of Black Ginger Extract

Black Ginger 

Black Ginger Extract Uses

Although you may rarely see black ginger in your local coffee shop, the dried rhizomes of this plant are traditionally crushed and put into tea bags. The fresh rhizome of black ginger has been used in brewing.


Compared to traditional ginger, black ginger is darker in color. Both types of ginger look the same on the outside, but the inside of black ginger is dark purple. Black ginger extract is available in powder form, liquid form, and capsule form. The powdered form is marketed as a food ingredient.

Black ginger extract powder brings the flavor of many dishes, from curry dishes to overnight oats to sweet bread, to life. If the pungent taste of ginger doesn't appeal to you, you can take it in capsule or supplement form.


Black Ginger Health Benefits

Black ginger is rich in amino acids, selenium, and antioxidants such as tannins, anthocyanins, and flavonoids. Here are five evidence-based health benefits of black ginger extract.


  1. Promotes sexual health

  2. Improves physical performance

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  3. Increases energy expenditure

  4. Anti-cancer

  5. Anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory

Black Ginger Extract

 Black Ginger Extract

Improves physical performance

If you're an athlete or fitness fanatic, black ginger extract may be particularly useful for improving your training ability.

In a 2016 study on black ginger, Kaempferia sanguine extract (KPE) was administered orally to 15 male mice for one month (source). These mice showed increased physical performance, muscular endurance, and grip strength (source). The study explains that KPE contains poly methoxy flavonoids (PMF), which activate an important contributor to cellular metabolism called AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) (source). It has been claimed that AMPK enhances fat metabolism, muscle endurance, and physical function (source).

Increased energy expenditure

Imagine burning more calories after taking a dose of KPE. That's what happened in a 2015 study that concluded that KPE increased the activation of brown adipose tissue (source). Brown adipose tissue plays a crucial role in energy expenditure (source). These results are similar to the results of a 2014 study on the effects of KPE on brown adipose tissue in mice (source). Studies like this one suggest a potential impact of black ginger on the prevention of weight gain.

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