Hemorrhoid Treatment Enters a New Era of Painlessness!

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Mar. 31, 2023




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Haemorrhoids are the most common clinical anorectal disorder and when they do develop, they can be distressing and severe enough to prevent people from continuing to work normally. The Hemorrhoidal Multi-Band Ligator with Anoscope is a highly effective and convenient medical device for ligature treatment.


What are the causes of haemorrhoids?


(1) The theory of inferior displacement of the anal cushion

The anal cushion serves to close the anal canal and restrain defecation. Under normal circumstances, the cushion is loosely attached to the muscular wall of the anal canal. It is pushed downwards by the downward pressure during defecation and can be retracted into the anal canal by its own contraction after defecation. However, when the elasticity of retraction is reduced, the anal cushion becomes engorged and moves downwards to form haemorrhoids.


(2) Varicose veins theory

The main structure of the anal cushion is the venous plexus.

Therefore, prolonged constipation, pregnancy, sitting and standing, prostate enlargement and large pelvic masses can all cause obstruction of rectal venous reflux, which in turn causes pathological varicose veins in the anal cushion, leading to the formation of haemorrhoids.


Hemorrhoidal Multi-Band Ligator with Anoscope


What are the clinical manifestations of haemorrhoids?

(1) Internal haemorrhoids

Internal haemorrhoids present mainly as bleeding and prolapse. Intermittent rectal bleeding, usually painless, with dripping/spurting blood before and after defecation, or on toilet paper; prolapse, on the other hand, is when the haemorrhoid is exposed from inside the anus to the outside and feels prolapsed when straining, and can be returned on its own or held back by hand. In addition to this, some patients may have difficulty in defecating.


(2) External haemorrhoids

External haemorrhoids mainly present as anal discomfort, perianal dampness, itching and persistent or intermittent lumps around the anus. When thrombosed external haemorrhoids are formed, they can be extremely painful.


(3) Mixed haemorrhoids

Pain and swelling in the anus, often with incomplete defecation and painful discomfort, mostly occur in mixed haemorrhoids. However, mixed haemorrhoids can have symptoms of both internal and external haemorrhoids.

If the mixed haemorrhoid worsens and prolapses in a circular pattern, it is known as an annular haemorrhoid and can cause severe pain when it forms an impaction and requires urgent surgery.


Hemorrhoidal Multi-Band Ligator with Anoscope


Treatment for hemorrhoids?


In recent years, with advances in medical technology, a variety of treatments for haemorrhoids have been developed. The emergence of the Hemorrhoidal Multi-Band Ligator with Anoscope has brought hemorrhoid treatment into the pain-free era and is becoming increasingly popular with both patients and doctors.


Hemorrhoidal Multi-Band Ligator with Anoscope


LOOKMED Hemorrhoidal Multi-Band Ligator with Anoscope saves time and effort by allowing the nature and exact location of internal haemorrhoids to be quickly determined with the aid of the anoscope, using automation. It can be operated by a single person and the procedure can be completed in 5-10 minutes, effectively reducing patient pain. No anaesthesia is required, reducing the risk of medical errors and medical infections.


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