Usages of Disposable Vinyl Gloves

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The increase in the number of coronavirus (Covid-19) cases has increased concerns about maintaining adequate hygiene to avoid possible transmission. In this sense, disposable gloves, such as vinyl gloves, are an effective virus protection measure and part of the personal protective equipment (PPE) against Covid-19. Protective gloves for biological agents must guarantee impermeability, maximum flexibility and high sensitivity so that they can be used for all types of work.
Several types of disposable gloves are available on the market today to meet different needs. Protection level, comfort or durability are factors that vary by glove type, including latex, nitrile and vinyl gloves.


Usages of Disposable Vinyl Gloves


Vinyl Gloves Features

Vinyl gloves are disposable gloves made from synthetic PVC resin, so they do not pose the same allergy risks as latex or natural rubber alternatives, making them an attractive option for food preparation and employee safety.
Vinyl is less flexible than nitrile and latex, providing a more relaxed fit and a soft, comfortable feel. In addition, this material offers higher permeability and lower resistance than nitrile or latex gloves.


Vinyl Glove Uses

Although products like nitrile gloves tend to have higher puncture resistance and chemical resistance than vinyl gloves, vinyl is still a very popular choice of glove material for many workplaces. Some of their most common applications include:


Non-fat food preparation

Vinyl gloves certified to EN1186 are considered safe for food contact, with the exception of oily or fatty foods. They are a cost-effective solution for roles that require regular glove removal and disposal, such as customer-facing food service roles.
Our Vinyl gloves are one of the most popular gloves in our range and a favorite in the food preparation industry. They are dexterous, which means that if one glove is damaged, there is no need to replace the full set, and come with beaded cuffs that add extra strength.


Usages of Disposable Vinyl Gloves


Painting and printing

Vinyl gloves are a great choice if you need to protect your hands from potential discoloration from paints and dyes. They provide a high level of protection for hands and materials while being quick to put on and take off.
Our stretch vinyl gloves are especially popular in these industries. The high quality vinyl, beaded cuff and medium weight construction provide a balance of strength, comfort and sensitivity.


Cleaning and Care

YERUN Vinyl gloves are the ideal solution for low-risk cleaning tasks that do not involve contact with hazardous materials (such as strong chemicals) but require protection from contamination (such as bodily fluids).
Our gloves provide cleaners and caregivers with protection from low-risk chemicals such as detergents and cleaning products, and help prevent contamination of body fluids often encountered in caregiving.



Medical grade vinyl gloves are considered safe for use in environments where biohazards are present, unlike the minimum AQL (Acceptable Quality Limit) of standard vinyl gloves. These roles include health care and nursing work, hygiene and dentistry, cosmetic services and tattooing.


Usages of Disposable Vinyl Gloves

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