Why is Bromobutyl Rubber Stopper so popular?

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Jun. 21, 2022




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Medicinal rubber stoppers can be divided into natural rubber stoppers and butyl rubber stoppers according to the rubber materials used. Natural rubber stoppers use natural rubber as the main component, which is easy to breed mold, has poor sealing performance, and is prone to chemical reactions with drugs. Butyl rubber stopper is mainly composed of halogenated butyl rubber, which has good air tightness, chemical stability and biological safety, and is currently the mainstream product in the field of medicinal rubber stoppers.

The current domestic bromobutyl formula

Generally, sulfur is used for vulcanization, which has high efficiency and low cost. However, the activity of chlorinated butyl group is relatively low, the choice of vulcanization system is slightly limited, and the production process and technical requirements are relatively strict, and the difficulty is relatively large. In the early days, phenolic resin, stearic acid and zinc oxide were commonly used as vulcanization systems, and their products have good heat resistance, but the extracts of their products generally develop color, which affects the clarity of the pharmaceutical industry, and they are not used much at present. At present, Japanese and Taiwanese companies generally use the vulcanizing agent produced in Japan. The ingredients are kept secret and the price is expensive, but the effect is very satisfactory. Except for Shengzhou Rubber and Plastics, no domestic enterprise can purchase and use this vulcanizing agent. Another vulcanizing agent is selected from Germany. Due to the high price and harsh process conditions, only a few domestic manufacturers use it, and the effect of producing rubber stoppers is ideal.


bromobutyl rubber

Learn about the advantages of bromobutyl rubber stoppers in many ways:

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1. The bromobutyl rubber stopper has good air tightness and water absorption. By forming a layer of film on the surface of the rubber stopper, the adsorption, adsorption, leaching and penetration between the rubber stopper and the product can be effectively reduced, and the long-term stability can be improved;

2. Good heat resistance; improve the mechanical lubricity of the rubber stopper;

3. Good acid and alkali resistance;

4. The internal cleanliness is high, the compatibility performance is obviously improved during use, and the increase in the number of insoluble particles caused by silicone oil is greatly reduced, so it will soon replace the bottle stopper made of natural rubber.

Bromobutyl rubber stoppers are easy to install and use. The stopper should be easy to package and use, and convenient and simple for clinical application. Butyl rubber stopper can save the chlorination and sealing wax process of natural rubber stopper when dispensing antibiotics, as well as the polyester film capping process when infusion packaging, which simplifies the dispensing process. Correspondingly, the aluminum cap matched with the butyl rubber stopper is an aluminum-plastic composite cap, which is extremely convenient for clinical use. The aluminum cap of traditional natural rubber bottle stoppers needs to be pierced with the aid of an auxiliary device. It is extremely inconvenient to use and easy to scratch. Rubber stoppers may cause damage or contamination.

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